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Ribbed Pipe Technologies (RPT) represents the most innovative new technology to hit the plastic pipe Industry in decades.  This game changing tech, will enable users to dramatically improve quality, reduce costs and enhance performance.  New products that have long been desired, but not practical with a corrugator, can now be readily manufactured.  What this means for RPT customers is higher margins, increased sales, market expansion and company growth!  

Injection molding is how all of this will be achieved and is the backbone of the RPT process.  Many industry experts have long recognized that if pipe can be injection molded it would totally change the dynamics for manufacturing plastic pipes.  Quality will take a gigantic step forward and awesome new products will be developed.  In other words a paradigm shift will happen in the plastic pipe industry.

RPT represents the technology that will allow your company to achieve all of this and more.  With RPT's new process you can gain a huge advantage over competitors with existing products.  Or, you can develop new products to gain market share on concrete and steel.  Whichever direction you choose you will be in the driver seat with exclusive rights to this new technology that is backed up with patent protection for many years to come.

Opportunities like this are rare to say the least, but they do happen.  If you are a manufacturer of plastic pipe or a manufacturer of injection molding machines this is an opportunity you do not want to miss.  Please review the information on the following pages and see for yourself.  There you will find independent, third party analysis that clearly demonstrates the superiority of a ribbed structure.  You will also find information on the patented RPT process which incorporates well developed technologies in a unique and innovative way.  


After reviewing the content of this site, I am sure you'll agree that this new process is destined to become the gold standard for producing large diameter engineered pipes.  The real question is how can you and your organization benefit from this development.  Again, if you are a plastic pipe manufacturer or an injection molding machine manufacturer don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity. 


RPT is actively seeking partners, in both the US and Europe.  Working together we will make and market, both machines and pipe.  Because this is a fully patented process our partners will have exclusive rights to this powerful new technology.  To learn how your company can take advantage of this great opportunity, contact RPT today.


2 potential rib profiles and a realistic model of a conventional corrugation

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