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Jerry Sutton (President/Owner)
Telephone:  (812)-319-4818
Address:  RPT
                 1119 Boon Drive
                 Boonville, Indiana, 47601
Jerry Sutton is the President and owner of Ribbed Pipe Technologies and has 38 years of experience in the plastic Industry.  He has spent much of that time as a Senior R&D Engineer, developing new products and machinery.  Jerry was directly involved with the development of the first barrier containers for food packaging to be manufactured in North America.  He was also instrumental in many new developments at Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. (ADS) the largest manufacturer of HDPE drainage products in the world.  During his tenure at ADS Jerry led the R&D efforts for numerous projects which included the novel idea of water tight couplings that incorporate glass fiber reinforcement.  He also led the efforts for the development of large diameter triple wall pipe made of polypropylene.  As a result of his efforts at ADS, he is the inventor of record on numerous patents.  The products, processes and machinery that Jerry developed at ADS are still in use today and have played a major role in the growth of that company.
While working in the pipe industry Jerry learned firsthand of the shortcomings of a corrugator and realized (along with many others), that injection molding pipe would resolve these issues and produce a far superior product.  At the time however, there was no practical way to do this.  The primary issue was how to demold the formed pipe section from the mandrel without damaging pipe in the process.  Jerry researched various methods but none appeared practical. 
A few years after leaving ADS Jerry came up with the concept of a multi piece mandrel that could collapse away from the formed part.  Jerry then created several models  which proved the concept to be right on target.  With specific geometries and by collapsing the mandrel in certain ways the forces required to demold a pipe section could be very small and not damage the pipe in any way.  Shortly after this development, Jerry filed for a patent.  This patent was granted in the US on February 18th of 2020.  International patents are still pending, but are in process and expected to be granted soon.
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