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At the core of RPT's  patented technology is injection molding.  A technology that dominates the plastics industry and is certainly the most well developed.  Extremely tight tolerances, high outputs and low scrap rates can be expected.  This will be a water shed moment for corrugated pipe manufacturers.  The highly artsy and complicated corrugator process will be replaced with a much simpler and straight forward process with short startups and low scrap rates.
Large part injection molding is something that is becoming more common everyday.  Very large injection presses are scattered all over the world.  They make everything from car bumpers to 30" pipe fittings.  Large parts with thin walls are routinely manufactured at numerous locations and for numerous industries.  Ribbed pipe is very similar to other products manufactured by way of injection molding.  As a result the technology to design and build injection molds for the RPT process is already well developed and available from multiple sources.
For a better understanding of the RPT process view the video below.
The RPT process utilizes what is commonly known as over molding to join one section of pipe to the next.  Over molding is essentially just what it sounds like, molding a part directly over an existing part thereby joining the two parts together.  Sometimes the existing part is fully overmolded and sometimes the existing part is only partially overmolded and sticks out from the newly formed part.  Sometimes the existing part is made of similar material as the new part and sometimes they are very different materials.  Overmolding is most commonly used however to join different materials together.
In the RPT process the upstream end of the pipe has an extension that is specially designed for overmolding.  It is at the downstream end of the pipe section however, where the overmolding actually occurs.  When the molds come together they clamp around the downstream end of the pipe section previously formed, trapping the specially designed extension.  As the new pipe section is formed, hot polymer surrounds, melts and fuses to the specially designed extension, thereby joining the two pipe sections.  This type of joint is extremely strong.  In a tensile test of pipe with this joint the inner liner will fail first not the joint.
Like injection molding, overmolding is also an existing, well developed technology, that is readily available from multiple sources.  For additional insight on how overmolding is used in the RPT process view the video below.

The RPT process utilizes a collapsible mandrel and this is the key to successfully injection molding plastic pipe.  Other attempts to injection mold pipe, remove the formed pipe section from the mandrel in other ways, none of which were practical or successful.  The issue here, is that as the pipe section forms/cools, it shrinks.  This causes the newly formed pipe section to tightly grip the mandrel and any attempt to forcefully remove it will severely damage the pipe. 
Another phenomenon that occurs is surface adhesion.  As the pipe section cools it can essentially glues itself to the surface of the mandrel.  The RPT collapsing mandrel technology resolves this issue as well.  By collapsing sections of the mandrel separately and pivoting the sections, the surface of the mandrel is slowly peeled away from the pipe in very small sections.  This vastly reduces the force required to overcome adhesion and the pipe section can be removed from the mandrel in pristine condition.
Although there is no existing source with experience manufacturing collapsible mandrels, the engineering to design such a devise is straightforward.  All aspects of the design to create a robust tool for this purpose are well known and developed engineering principals.  Any good engineer with large part injection mold design experience will do an excellent job designing this part.  There is every reason to expect that this tool will be designed and manufactured with no significant issues.
To better understand how the RPT collapsible mandrel technology works please view the video below.  If you have questions or want to learn more please contact us today.


As can be seen the RPT process is a special combination of well developed existing technolgies and simple straightforward engineering.  This is not new and unproven technology with high risk.  In fact, it is the exact opposite.  There is virtually no doubt that this machinery will be successfully manufactured and superior products will be produced on it.
This is a rare opportunity.  It seldom happens that a new game changing technology comes available with such low risk for success.  This is not a hollow claim.  The information provided here clearly demonstrates this to be the case. 
  • An objective, third party analysis of ribbed versus corrugated pipe is clear proof that ribbed pipe is superior and can provide a significant material cost savings.                                                                                          
  • The advantages of injection molding and the possibility for awesome new products is obvious and has been well documented.                                                
  • The extremely high probability of successfully designing and manufacturing machinery to produce ribbed pipe is clear and has been well demonstrated.
Once again, this is a rare opportunity with great potential and extraordinarily low risk.  This type of opportunity only comes around once in a lifetime.  This is real and can become a part of your companies story of success.  If you have interest in growing profits and growing your company call us today.  
Make no mistake, the companies that have this new technology will be driving their industries with better prodcucts at a lower cost and new products that cannot be produced any other way.  This is game changing tech and those who do not have it will have no way to compete.  Don't let this happen to you, call us today.
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